Sewing For Boys

A few months ago the Bug pointed to a dress I had just finished and asked “Is that for me?”  Over the next few weeks, he repeated his question anytime he saw me sewing. It really brought home to me how much sewing I do for the Bit and other little girls, and how I’d only really made him a few pairs of shorts and pajama pants.

The Bug is growing up quickly, and isn’t going to want to wear mama-made forever. I want to take advantage of his interest while I can.  I’ve started paying more attention to boyish patterns, on the look out for patterns that are practical for busy little boys.

Bucket Shorts

Endless Summer Bucket Shorts, Rabbit Rabbit Creations

When you enter the world of online sewing communities, you are inundated with beautiful photographs of ruffles and bows. There are thousands of gorgeous little patterns out there, each more frilly than the next. As the mother of a girl, it can be inspiring and a little intimidating. As the mother of a boy, it is often frustrating. Weeding through all of those twirly dresses and ruffly leggings to find cute boyish patterns can feel like an insurmountable task.

As I began making an effort to find patterns for the Bug, I discovered a new Facebook group called Sew For Boys. This group had recently been started as a place to share all things related to sewing for boys of any age. It is full of inspiration, without a ruffle in sight. Patterns and projects of all types are shared, from infant shirts and toddler capes to adult clothing. I have found so many new patterns to try, and it is a nice change to feel surrounded by sewers focusing on all things boy.

The members of Sew For Boys just wrapped up their first sew along, using Patterns For Pirates Cpt. Comfort Jeans and Charming Doodle ‘s Knight Hoodie. All members of the group were invited to sew the patterns over a defined time period and share their works in progress. The final photos of finished garments are have been shared and there are some amazing creations.

This was my first time sewing both patterns, and I love how they turned out.



Cpt. Comfort Pants, Patterns For Pirates


Knight Hoodie, Charming Doodle

I chose to use black twill with a gingham lining for the Cpt. Comfort Pants. I love how the faux fly gives the impression of standard ready to wear pants, while the inner knit waist band is comfortable and easy for a potty training toddler to manipulate. The Bug really loves the touch of red from the waistband, topstitching, and the gingham cuffs.


I chose a french terry for the Knight Hoodie, with fleece armor pieces. I think I will use a bottom weight woven for the armor pieces in the future. The fleece is just a little fluffy. And I think a woven will give the armor a more polished look.

I am looking forward to exploring the wealth of inspiration to be found in Sew For Boys. I plan to participate in future sew alongs, and hopefully to find patterns that will suit my boy as he grows and his little personality develops.



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