Parker’s Vintage Fit T-shirt


Parker’s Vintage Fit T-shirt

Yesterday, Everything Your Mama Made & More released their newest pattern, Parker’s Vintage Fit T-shirt. The Bug and the Bit both adore this pattern. They keep pulling their tester shirts out of the laundry basket before I get a chance to fold them, begging to wear them.


Parker’s Vintage Fit T-shirt

The pattern itself is a super quick sew. The Bit’s shirt took me all of 2 hours from cutting to hemming, and that included multiple preschooler interruptions as well as some sewing with a certain 2 year old sitting on my lap trying to “help.” These days she is all about doing everything herself, or helping me do everything I need to do.


Parker’s Vintage Fit T-shirt

I love patterns with multiple options, and this pattern has plenty. There are several sleeve options, two different necklines, and an optional chest pocket. Since we saw several 90 degree days during the testing period, I opted to stick with short sleeves, but I will probably sew up a few long sleeved tees for our trip north this winter.


Parker’s Vintage Fit T-shirt

This was my first attempt at a v-neck, and the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I might even say it is easier to attach the binding for the v neck than for the crew neck, since there are a few seams to line up.


Parker’s Vintage Fit T-shirt

The Euro knit from Mabel Madison that I used for both shirts is super soft and stretchy, with great recovery. It has held up well with repeated washings, which helps when the kids want to wear these shirts everyday. The vintage fit of this shirt, paired with the great fabric really help these shirts stay in place, even when the Bug poses upside down.


Parker’s Vintage Fit T-shirt


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