Boys Can Wear Pink – Season 2

We have developed the habit of occasionally pausing to assess the kids’ comprehension when reading stories. Typically this involves discussing the illustrations, or how a character might be feeling. Sometimes we make predictions about what we think is going to happen next.  The Bit’s favorite story has a page I always pause at, the main character has just found out that her parents have brought home a new baby brother and she shouts “No! No! No! Boys are BLUE! I don’t like BLUE! I only love PINK!” Every time we read this story, I pause here and ask what the Bug’s favorite color is, and every time the kids both shout “Red!”  I also ask if boys have to be blue, or if they can be any color they like. Then, if girls have to be pink, or if they can be any color they like. At 4 and 2, the kids are pretty accepting of people liking any color they want.

The Bug loves the color red. Pink is an acceptable substitute, because it is “light red.” I’m glad he still feels this way. Recently, we have started hearing him describe certain activities and shows as being for girls or being for boys. We never fail to correct him on this. We don’t really subscribe to gender stereotypes in our family. All but a few special toys are communal toys and anyone that is interested is encouraged to play. The Bug is found playing with the doll house almost as often as the Bit is found playing with cars and Legos. The idea behind the Boys Can Wear Pink series is right up my alley. People should be comfortable wearing whatever color they desire, regardless of their gender.

Last year, I had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural Boys Can Wear Pink series and had so much fun with it. The other bloggers were an amazing group of women and their creations were simply inspirational. You can find my contribution here. I was thrilled when Kelly announced that she planned to host the series again this year. I knew right away that I wanted to participate.


This year, I used pink as an accent rather than the dominant color in the Bug’s outfit. He is in love! For his pants, I used the Everest Pants pattern from Gracious Threads. This pattern is one of few that I’ve seen that can be sewn in either a woven or knit with few to no alterations. I used a grey stretch denim, accented and lined with a wonderful Stenzo poplin from Mabel Madison. The print is called Pit Stop and Mabel Madison carries both the pink and the blue color ways.


The Bug loves cars, and race cars in general and I have been hoarding a yard of this fabric for a year or more trying to decide on the perfect project. I’m so happy with how it turned out. I sized up for these, so he should be able to wear them for a nice long time. Our winter is almost over, so hopefully they will still fit next winter.


I paired the pants with this Offbeat Oxford from Terra’s Treasures. I used white linen, and then added pink details with checkered flags and a gorgeous classic car embroidery.


The Bug was super excited about the flying race car. He loved watching it be stitched out on the embroidery machine (It was sewing all by itself!!! 😉 ), and helping change the thread colors. Even after owning it for a few years, the embroidery attachment for my machine still intimidates the heck out of me. I have a tendency to hold my breath and watch it like a hawk while it is stitching, afraid that something terrible is going to happen.


This turned out just like I imagined. The Bug’s favorite part is the wings. He was super excited to think the car could fly.

One of the things I like about this series, is that even though it focuses on boys wearing pink, it really is about letting our kids be themselves. No matter what that looks like. While the Bug has always been obsessed with cars, he has recently developed an obsession with pirates. When he suggested a change of location during our photo shoot, for the sole purpose of digging for treasure, off to the beach we went. Who says pirates can’t sport classic cars?


I considered sizing up for this pattern as well. The Bug falls between a size 4 and a size 5 in this pattern. I’m glad I chose to go with the 4. This will be a great addition to his summer wardrobe.


Thanks to all of the awesome sponsors for this season of the Boys Can Wear Pink series!


They have contributed some awesome prizes for the giveaway this year.

You can win:

1 pattern of choice from Momma Quail Patterns
2 patterns of choice (excluding bundles) from Patterns for Pirates
3 digital designs of choice from Handmade Escapade
3 patterns of choice from Winter Wear Designs
Bartowski Slim Tie Pattern from Paraplu
$10 gift certificate from Mabel Madison

To enter, visit a Rafflecopter giveaway.

You can check out posts from the rest of the tour by following Kelly over at Handmade Boy, or by checking out these links.


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