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Stitches in the Wizarding World, Part II

Even though I love the Deathly Hallows outfits I showcased in Part I, the true inspiration motivating me to sew for our visit to the Wizarding World was this Marauder’s Map fabric from Joann’s. 20190818_092412

Unfortunately it rained early in our visit to the park on the day the kids wore these, so I wasn’t able to get another photo shoot in Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley. I was only able to get a few photos on our way into the park that morning.


As you can see, I chose not to be quite as matchy matchy with these outfits. I was really looking for comfortable makes that the kids would be happy to wear anytime.


Baby Bear

One of my favorite patterns for Baby Bear is the Over It Alls by Made By Jack’s Mum. She is just so comfortable in them, no matter what she is doing.


There are a bunch of options, including different lengths, pockets, and linings. I have only used the semi-lined option, but I would probably try my hand at a reversible pair if we lived somewhere with cooler weather. I love the look of the semi-circle through pocket, and how it allows for the use of panels or other fabric you want to showcase on the front of the over alls. 20190812_073959

The snaps are not hard to open and close, but there is enough room for a potty training toddler to just slip the straps down off the arms in an emergency.




Peanut had to have a skort, of course. This child is rarely seen in shorts or pants outside of BMX. I used the Bonny Leggings pattern by Made For Mermaids. It is a quick sew and Peanut finds it to be comfortable. I’ve used the pattern several times for her but, as she grows, I find myself leaning towards other patterns that have a gusset. She’s an active kid and I like the ease of movement that a gusset provides.20190820_163054

I paired the skort with an Explorer Raglan by Made By Jack’s Mum. This is the same pattern I used in Part I, but I chose not to use the optional side panels.


The Bug

I have plenty of t shirt patterns to choose from when sewing for the Bug, but one of my all time favorites is the t shirt from the Moto Maxx pattern by Love Notions.


It has the perfect slim fit for him and I really like the shoulder details. Being able to add a coordinating fabric really helps the main fabric pop.



These makes are sure to get a lot of wear from the kiddos as they jump around flinging spells at each other.

What are your favorite patterns to use when sewing for kids?



**This pattern contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase a pattern after clicking on these links, I will receive a small percentage of the sale at NO COST to you. Thank you!**

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Boys Can Wear Pink – BMX Style


Today is the final day of Season 4 of the Boy’s Can Wear Pink blog tour hosted by Handmade Boy. I hope all of you have enjoyed following along as much as I have. I have been part of this tour from the beginning, with a little break last year when Baby Bear joined our family, and it has been amazing watching all of these boys grow. The Bug hardly even looks like a little boy anymore, and at 6 years old he’ll be quick to tell you he’s not one. You can check out my posts from Season 1 and Season 2 if you want to see for yourself how much he’s grown.


As I read through the posts this week I noticed many of my fellow bloggers mentioning society’s influence on how our boy’s feel about the color pink. I have to admit, when planning out the Bug’s outfit I had similar thoughts. I knew however, that if I played to his interests, he would not hesitate to wear it, no matter what society tells him about the color. The Bug doesn’t really have strong feelings one way or another about the color pink, but he LOVES BMX. He would race everyday if he could, and nothing can turn a bad day around for him faster than a couple of laps around the local track. So a BMX themed outfit and photo shoot were sure to be a hit.


His only concern was with wearing the pink helmet, and not because it was pink. You see, that pink helmet belongs to his little sister (yes, she races BMX too) and he was afraid of people mistaking him for her. He had no qualms about wearing the color, he just didn’t want people thinking he was his little sister. After a quick conversation about the meaning of this tour he quickly decided it was pretty cool to be able to show other boys that it’s OK to wear whatever color they want, even if it meant wearing his sister’s helmet for a little while.


I have to say, even if he never wears it again, he rocked the pink helmet for the few minutes it took to get these photos.


Now, this is a sewing blog, so if you’ve made it this far you’re probably wondering about the clothes he’s wearing. I used the Moto Maxx Set by Love Notions (affiliate link). The pants are stretch denim from Mood Fabric and the tee is double brushed poly from Purple Seamstress. The graphic on the tee was done with heat transfer vinyl.


I love the slim fit of the Moto Maxx pants for the Bug, especially because it helps me not worry about him getting a pant leg caught in his bike chain. The reinforced knees are such a fun and practical detail for active kids too.


I chose the curved hem option for his shirt, which gives him just a little extra coverage as he works to develop those bike handling skills. Those skills have certainly come a long way from when we first stumbled into the world of BMX. Ironically enough, that was about the same time the Moto Maxx Set was first released. I was still pretty new to pattern testing then and Tami was so great to work with.


He’s grown just a tiny bit, but he still loves his bike and BMX just as much. After 4 years of following and sewing along with this tour the one thing I come away with each year is how important it is to listen to our boys and allow them to give us input in to what we create for them. Try to incorporate what they love, be it any color of the rainbow or their favorite activity. They’ll love you for listening.


The Bug and I both want to thank our friends at Life As Art Photography for the amazing photos. We met them when we stumbled into the BMX world and we are so glad we did! If you want to see some amazing photos of some pretty incredible BMXers of all ages, check out their Facebook page.

If you haven’t already, check out the other awesome creations from Season 4 of the Boys Can Wear Pink Blog Tour. There are a lot of talented mamas here creating some amazing things for their boys.